TwinTec Water Softeners

Regeneration water volume

The importance of being efficient with water is becoming clearer and clearer. Considered from a purely ecological standpoint, it takes energy to clean and process our water supply, and so we save energy when we save water.

In addition, more and more of us now pay for our water supply based on a meter reading - so the less we use, the less we pay.

The last thing you need is for your water softener to be needlessly flushing water away down the drain. That’s why we take pride in the fact that the TwinTec S3 uses less water when it regenerates than any comparable softener on the market.

More comparisons

Make/model Litres used
TwinTec S3 17
Kinetico 2020c HE 24/26 *
Kinetico 2020c HF 24/26 *
Kinetico AquaBlu 23
Ecowater ESM 11 49
Ecowater ESM 15 52
Tapworks AD11 49
Tapworks AD15 52
Waterside MC-350 E-F 70 - 80
Waterside MC-350 H-F 70 - 80
Waterside DX-500 Not available
Aquadial Prismertec 61
Liff 2010 T 52
Liff 2010 V <52
Liff 2015 V <52
Liff 2015 <61
Monarch Plumbsoft Solo Not available
Monarch Plumbsoft Ultra Not available
Genus SD300 Not available
Genus SD500 Not available

* From our own test labs