How is it installed?

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TwinTec softener under the sink

Where is it installed?

The TwinTec softener has been designed to fit into a place that's right for you.

It's most often installed under the kitchen sink, however, it can be installed wherever best suits you and your home. Our expert installers will help you choose the best location.

The water softener needs to be plumbed into your water system at a point where it can interrupt your home's water supply as it enters your property. The water flow will then pass through the softener and your entire home will feel the benefits of softened water.

Can you drink softened water?

You don’t have to drink softened water, all of our water softener systems include a water bypass tap as standard.

While soft water is kinder to our homes, skin and hair, some of our customers choose not to drink softened water. For this reason, every one of the systems we install comes with a water bypass tap as standard. This can sit next to your existing tap or be plumbed in as a three way tap, providing you with fresh drinking water on tap.

Boilers and Softened Water

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) have a Q&A in its consumer guide about protecting your boiler and heating system. Here’s what is said regarding limescale, softened water and boilers:

Water softeners are a way to offer “whole house” protection against limescale. Some boilers are not recommended for use with softened water (ion-exchange) in the primary circuit, so, if in doubt, always fill the heating system using un-softened mains water. This can be done by simply opening the bypass valve on the water softener installation plumbing temporarily whilst filling, or by having a separate mains water feed directly to the heating system filling loop, or feed and expansion tank. The boiler manufacturer may give more detailed advice in their appliance instructions, which must always be complied with to ensure that your boiler warranty is protected.

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