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Would highly recommend

This water softener makes Bishops Stortford water actually enjoyable!!! No more buying lots of Limelight etc. for descaling everything. The only drawback of this system is the almost total lack of maintenance required. i.e. after each 6-8 weeks, we have to keep an eye for topping up when the salt runs low and that is it!!! Excellent System, would highly recommend for anybody suffering hard water.

Very easy to use

It is very easy to use, you just have to add salt blocks when necessary. The kettle, iron and all the other appliances that use water via the softener do not scale up therefore you do have to descale appliances. It is better for your skin and less shampoo is required as it lathers up very well. The taps and shower head as also do not scale up. The appliance itself looks very neat and tidy and you can easily see when the salt needs replacing. Salt blocks can be ordered by phone or the internet very easily and are very price competitive.

All chrome items look lovely

All chrome items look lovely, take care with kettles that have a coated finish as this can be lifted off. Save money on dishwasher salt as you don’t need any, also as previously stated you use far less soap and shampoo, especially the expensive items, and washing machine powders go much further with softened water. I would not be without it, it is worth every penny that I paid for it some seven years ago!

No scale in the house at all now

We were unsure as to wether we really needed a softener but how wrong I was. There is no scale in the house at all now, appliances are lasting well, My wife’s “winter hands” are no longer a problem. It has been a great investment. Fitting was straightforward, the guys were great.

It has saved us money on repairs and breakdowns

We have had this softener for many years. It has saved us money on repairs and breakdowns over the time we have used it. Having a shower or bath is lovely, and your skin is left soft and shower/bath products lather beautifully and no marks on the bath. Good service with salt supplies and a knowledgeable helpful lady on the end of the telephone line. I have no hesitation in recommending this product and service.

A compact efficient water softener

We had the TwinTec Water Softener installed several years ago.It was installed in a tight corner and the installer went the extra mile to ensure it fitted as we wanted. Since then it has served us well and we are very pleased.I would not hesitate to recommend the appliance to anyone requiring a compact efficient water softening system.

No mess

The work was done with the minimum of disruption to the day to day working of our household. The installers were polite and efficient with no mess left when they had finished.The unit has performed efficiently with no cause for concern by us.

Made a massive difference

I am so pleased with my Twintec water softener. Our water is extremely hard and the softener has made a massive difference. Most noticeably is the condition of my skin, i am prone to very dry skin and out breaks of eczema and this has completely cleared up. I can’t remember the last time I had any patched of eczema. My hair is sorter and shinier as an added bonus.

Everything now comes out of the dishwasher cleaner, I need less detergent in the washing machine and clothes are cleaner, I need to use less soap and shampoo etc as it all now lathers nicely.

Remarkable reduction in limescale

Since the installation we’ve noticed a remarkable reduction in limescale in all our relevant appliances, the water is softer and generally nicer to use.
We’ve found it necessary to fit a filter to our drinking water supply as advised at the time of fitting the system.
Salt usage is as described by the fitting engineer and after a year I feel I can recommend it. If you have hard water and limescale problems this can probably answer the problem.

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