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Basingstoke Water Softeners have been supplying water softening systems and supplies to Basingstoke and the surrounding area for over 25 years.

Basingstoke Water Softeners

We have a strong team of experienced advisers and fitters to make sure that the water softening system chosen fits the exact requirements based on your usage, the number of occupants and the size of your property.

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Why purchase a water softener?

Purchasing a water softener will improve your home. The twin cylinders work together to supply your home with softened water 24/7 and the design means a greater flow rate is produced, which helps keep up with household water demands. The water is kept clean and fresh, as it is constantly moved through the system.

Why Twintec?

We’ve been in business for nearly 40 years and are very proud of our company’s heritage. Founded in 1978 as a very small, family business, we now have 25 TwinTec dealerships across the UK. Every one of our dealerships is a family run business and can give you an exceptionally personal service. The TwinTec has been designed and engineered in the UK by Harvey Water Softeners and works with all types of British plumbing systems and all size families, to make life simple.

Designed by leading manufactures in the UK

Powered by Harvey Water Softeners, leaders in water softening innovation and manufacturing.

  • Spend less time cleaning and less money on cleaning products!
  • Longer lasting appliances and happy pipework!
  • Sparking surfaces, glassware and crockery!

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