TwinTec Cobalt

The Cobalt is TwinTec’s latest 5th generation Water Softener with its improved design, eco-features and robust testing.
  • Designed and manufactured in England to work with all British plumbing systems. With its twin cylinder design, the TwinTec Cobalt Water Softener provides you with luxuriously softened water all day, every day. An investment in a water softener is an investment in your family and entire home.

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10 year guarantee

Designed by the leading manufacturer

Made in the UK

Made from recycled plastic

Why buy a water softener from TwinTec?

The most advanced non-electric, block salt water softener ever made. Perfectly tailored to the UK market.
Our water softeners are fundamentally different from competitor products. The TwinTec Cobalt Water Softener is a unique twin cylinder design. Both cylinders contain specialist resin beads, which trap the minerals that make water hard. Whilst one cylinder is regenerating (it takes approximately 11 minutes) the other is working. The twin cylinders work together to supply your home with softened water 24/7 and the design means a greater flow rate is produced, which helps keep up with household water demands. The water is kept clean and fresh, as it is constantly moved through the system. 

Introducing the I-Lid

Our next generation I-Lid monitors your salt levels, battery life and WiFi signal, and communicates with the myHarvey app for real-time updates and notifications.

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How it works

Water softeners protect your home and improve the quality of water by removing mineral deposits found naturally in water.
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