Block Salt

Treat your home with softened water all day, every day. 

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    Why use our salt

    Block salt is an essential element of a water softener as it helps to maintain overall efficiency.

    Mineral build-up needs to be flushed out regularly so that the water softener can ‘regenerate’ itself, one cylinder at a time. The process works by the water meter measuring the optimal amount of water from the first cylinder, then flushing the minerals out with a mixture of soft water and sodium (salt). During this regeneration the second cylinder takes over to ensure soft water is provided to your home without interruption.

    To keep this process running smoothly simply refill your softener’s salt using the TwinTec block salt, which is much easier to handle than loose salt.

    Would highly recommend

    This water softener makes Bishops Stortford water actually enjoyable!!! No more buying lots of Limelight etc. for descaling everything. The only drawback of this system is the almost total lack of maintenance required. i.e. after each 6-8 weeks, we have to keep an eye for topping up when the salt runs low and that is it!!! Excellent System, would highly recommend for anybody suffering hard water.

    Very easy to use

    It is very easy to use, you just have to add salt blocks when necessary. The kettle, iron and all the other appliances that use water via the softener do not scale up therefore you do have to descale appliances. It is better for your skin and less shampoo is required as it lathers up very well. The taps and shower head as also do not scale up. The appliance itself looks very neat and tidy and you can easily see when the salt needs replacing. Salt blocks can be ordered by phone or the internet very easily and are very price competitive.

    A compact efficient water softener

    We had the TwinTec Water Softener installed several years ago.It was installed in a tight corner and the installer went the extra mile to ensure it fitted as we wanted. Since then it has served us well and we are very pleased.I would not hesitate to recommend the appliance to anyone requiring a compact efficient water softening system.