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TwinTec South Coast

TwinTec South Coast have been selling water softeners and drinking water products for over 30 years. We have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience on all matters to do with the softening and purifying of domestic water and are one of the leading suppliers in the UK.

We supply top of the range TwinTec S4 water softeners and related drinking water products. We also supply and deliver block salt and are proud to offer an unrivalled sales and after care service.

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Why Buy a TwinTec Water Softener from TwinTec South Coast?

Designed by leading manufactures in the UK

Powered by Harvey Water Softeners, leaders in water softening innovation and manufacturing.

  • Spend less time cleaning and less money on cleaning products!
  • Longer lasting appliances and happy pipework!
  • Sparking surfaces, glassware and crockery!

Our recycled plastic softener has a 10 year guarantee

The TwinTec water softener comes with a 10-year guarantee. Our system is so reliable we are confident you will only experience beautifully softened water.

  • No need to buy expensive skin or hair products
  • Softer skin and shinnier hair
  • Enjoy more bubbles! Whether this is lathering your shampoo or bubbles in your bath!
  • Improves eczema prone skin

Get a free quote or ask us a question

    Call: 01489 786 711



    TwinTec South Coast

    Glenfield, Woodhouse Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 2DJ