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We have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience on all matters to do with the softening and purifying of domestic water and are one of the leading suppliers in the UK.

We supply top of the range TwinTec S3 water softeners and related drinking water products. We also supply and deliver block salt and are proud to offer an unrivalled sales and after care service.

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Why buy a TwinTec Water Softener?

10-year guarantee

The TwinTec water softener comes with a 10-year guarantee. Our system is so reliable we are confident you will only experience beautifully softened water.

Designed by the leading manufacturer

Powered by Harvey Water Softeners, leaders in water softening innovation and manufacturing.

Made in the UK

Our softeners are all made in Britain and hand-built in Surrey.

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Twintec Water Softeners - Guaranteed for 10 years

About TwinTec

The TwinTec Water Softener is the most advanced block salt non-electric water softener ever made, and has been designed and manufactured in England for 40 years.

Each unit is built to last, and is backed with a 10 year guarantee promising years of uninterrupted service and water improvement.

At just 49cm high, it will easily fit under the kitchen sink - in fact, it was specifically designed with this in mind.

It is so efficient it has been designed to work solely off the power of your water supply. There are no timers, computers or manual adjustments to be concerned with. What's more, there is no electrical feed! Genius.

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