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Pure, fresh drinking water for you and your family

Your water softener provides your whole home with softened water. As it’s plugged into the mains water supply, something else worth thinking about is your drinking water preference. You might not know what it is yet, but there are plenty of options available for you to choose from.

We offer many different options as we know that everyone is different. This allows you to find a drinking water solution that suits you and your family.

You can drink:
• Softened water
• Hard water
• Filtered softened water
• Filtered hard water

We will tailor the install to you, speak to your local dealer to find out more.

TwinTec water softener filter

Drinking water filter

A TwinTec water filter can be installed alongside your water softener. This works just like a water filter jug; filtering out any impurities from your water. You can now enjoy purer, fresher tasting drinking filtered water straight from your tap, rather than from a jug in the fridge

Hard water line

For those that prefer not to drink softened water, you can have a separate hard water drinking tap installed. This provides unsoftened water to your kitchen sink, easily available to drink.

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Our Customers

"We have just moved into a new build house in a hard water area and thought a water softener would be a good idea and boy! was that a good choice. It really makes having a bath a truly luxurious occasion and the lack of water stains on the shower doors is brilliant. Installation was undertaken by our local supplier and was a quick, tidy and easy undertaking and it takes up an amazingly small space under the sink. It makes almost no noise and the salt blocks are a very easy and clean way to feed its fairly voracious appetite for the stuff. We have been quite happy to drink the softened water which is almost impossible to differentiate from mains water and it has the advantage that there is no dirty film in the cup when you make a cup of tea!

All in all, I can't recommend a TwinTec S3 Softener enough; the price is reasonable and the luxury of softened water in the bath, shower, dishwasher and washing machine is unbelievable. Treat yourself to one now!"

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